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    Dj Zasz(aka C.S.B, Exodus), the persona created in the year 2010 by steven yau, has been spinning since he was introduced to djing at the age of 17. Curiousity brought forth his passion and love for the art, and has stirred his hunger for musical knowledge. His genre by heart has been deep house and electro with a crossover of soul and swing, the things that keep the hips moving and heart pounding. Zasz walks out into the crowd with his head held high carrying a misson, and that is spreading his passion with the rest of the world, fortifying spirits and providing a lively atmosphere.His medium of expression are his two vinyl turntables with a serato hybrid interface for digital djing. He is also entering the controllerist field as well using button mashers and beat grids. In the future Zasz hope to even take up live performances with an intstrument as well as media and visuals to create a unique experience. His progress so far has been through musical gigs for city events and volunteer work to promote youth education towards the disc jockey culture. He has also put on great shows for schools and high schools, fashion shows, and promotional events. Zasz is constantly learning and building his experiences becoming stronger with his art. What started out as a spark became a fire and it is growing. He is determined to make it big in this world or at least become someone people can look to for an unforgettable night.


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