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Loom - Sound Design

Loom was one of my earlier projects I worked on in my developement. The animation showcased my skills with sound design from the Yamaha S90 and also some of my earlier music composition. The animation is still a staple revealing my raw ambitions at the time.

Gear: Ableton Live, Pro-Tools, Yamaha S90

I composed the music and provided  my own score for the movie. This project was a lot of fun to work with and told a beautiful story with amazing CGI elements with it.

Gear: Logic 9, Axiom 49

World Builder - Composition and Score
Alarm - SFX and Foley

I took the animation and replaced all the sounds with my own. This project demonstrated my skills with foley and SFX spotting. The animation is about a small boy who refuses to get out of bed, much like the rest of us.

Gear: Pro-Tools, Zoom H4n

Trick or Squeak - Composition and Score

This was an original animation done by the team of students whom I had helped create the score for. My friend Daphne provided the sound effects and I provided the music. Glad to see it come together given the timing of everything.

Gear: Logic 9, Axiom 49 Keyboard

Run - Composition and Score

My Professional Recording Arts senior project involved sound designing and composing music to a student film production. It took time, patience, and coordination with the team, but in the end it became a film that we were proud of. The milestone of my experience with the film students.

Gear: Logic 9, Axiom 49 Keyboard

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